P.O. Box 621312

Littleton, Colo 80162-1312

(720) 443-3382

Metro Intelligence Agency

P.O. Box 621312

Littleton, Colorado 80162-1312

Office: (720) 443-3382

Fax: (720) 210-9855

Staff Qualifications




Interview and interrogation                                            Hidden Poisons-Cyanide & Smoke Inhalation

Crime Scene and Forensic Evidence Collections          Abused Individuals

Sex assault / Child Sex Assault                                      Self Protection Identification   

Domestic Violence                                                          Drug/High Risk Entry

Victim's Rights and Compliance                                    Applying Countermeasures

Vicarious Trauma                                                            Special Interest Aliens

Level 1 Traffic Accident Investigator                            Identification of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Substances Impaired Recognition                                   F.E.M.A. National Incident Management

National and State Recognized Field Training              S.O.A.R. Diagnostic (SSI-R/LSI/ASUS-R/TxRW)

Anti Bias                                                                          Firearms /Non-Lethal Devices

Identity Theft                                                                   Tactical Neutralizations Tactics (TNT)

Communications with Suicidal Parties                            Partnership for Community Safety

Armored/ Dangerous Parties                                          Surveillance and Covert Operations

Corporate Investigations                                                 Asset Loss and Protection




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