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  Metro Intelligence Agency

P.O. Box 621312

Littleton, Colorado 80162-1312

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          There are a lot of “people finder” websites and most are not worth investing any money in! With internet search engines, social networking, or calling the County Assessor’s sites, you will get just as much information going this route as you will by paying the “Instant People Search” websites. Save your money!


          The information bureaus that we have rights to are not those that the general public can access. We had to go through a very in-depth screening process, meet strict criteria, and hold verifiable-good standing credentials in the law enforcement and investigative industry.

These databases that we use contain information not open to the general public. We are subject to audit through the GLBA, DPPA, FDPP, REBOC, UCC, FCRA, Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and other regulatory agencies. We are able access the limited "public record" only accessible under very strict guidelines. Our nation wide database allows us to access information from most government agencies and other proven resources more efficiently, with information returned the same day. Searches can be done with very little information and we are one of only a few that can search with only a Date of Birth or partial Date of Birth.


We can search by index or soundex by:

-       First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

-       Prior and Current Addresses, Common Residence’s, Last Known State

-       Social Security Number

-       Date of Birth, Date of Death

-       Date of Marriage

-       Date of Divorce

-       Relatives

-       Email Address

-       Media Press Releases

-       Social Networking Sites

-       Property Ownership

-       Prior Employment

-       Work Associates

-       Business Ownerships / Business Associations




-       Asset Determination- Vehicles, Properties, Watercraft, FAA Aircraft

-       Insurance Liability limits, coverage, writers, and identify Insured  

-       We can identify co-workers, victims, witnesses at plants, other work environments,

-       Phone numbers that are unlisted, unpublished, cell phones, historical, name, address.

-       Vehicle Ownership’s, Vehicle Identification Number, License Plates, Identify vehicles by make/ model/zip, state, etc…

-       Civil and Criminal Records (offline), Name Changes, Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Sexual Offenders, Marriages/ Divorces

-       Driving Records, Drivers License’s, Hunting / Fishing License, FAA Licenses  

-       Business and Corporation Filings

-       National UCC fillings

-       Internet Domains

-       Dun and Bradstreet Reporting

-       Business InstantID

-       Business licenses

-       Professional Licenses

-       Concealed Weapons Permits

-       Voter Registrations

-       Federal Firearms and Explosives licensing

-       DEA Controlled Substances