Are you looking for accident private investigators who have the experience necessary to full fill your needs? There are few true accident reconstruction officers; therefore, Law Enforcement put very little effort in determining the course of events leading up to and after a crash. It’s their job to aid the injured, determine if a crime or violation of traffic laws has been committed, write a ticket, and “let the insurance companies figure it out”.

Accident Reconstruction is a science based on several factors and circumstances. Every event is unique and there is no such thing as a “simple accident”. Accident reports are full of errors and expected in ALL reports. Although, errors are not intentional, we are all human, and we all make mistakes. Major accidents scenes are very tedious, detail orientated, intail long hours, and human factors begin to take effect. Short cuts are taken, reports are not as thorough, and evidence is over looked-compromised – left behind- not photographed, the list goes on and on. This oversight in procedures could drastically effect the direction of an investigation. These errors affect your livelihood!–

We will Review initial accident or vehicular assault/ homicide investigations, identifying missing information, inaccuracies and errors in reporting of the private investigation or research. This is done by State Recognized Reconstruction Experts and Nationally A.C.T.A.R recognized, with over 26 years of experience..

On a full scale Private Investigation and reconstruction we look at the following:

– Examination of Roadway evidence (skid-marks, Yaw marks, roadway debris
– Energy, Time and Distance Relationships
– Drag Factor Analysis
– Conservation of Linear Momentum
– Delta V (change in velocity)
– Human Factors
– Occupant movement , Injury forces, Types of injury- contact- and non-contact
– Occupant protection systems
– Reading medical and autopsy records
– Auto / Pedestrian / bicycle/ Motorcycle / Commercial Vehicle Analysis
– Vehicle Exterior and Interior Examination
– Crush Analysis
– System Failures
– EDR (vehicle black box) Analysis
– Airborne Analysis
– Interview witnesses and those involved (see Interviewing for more information)
– Forensic Mapping
– 3D Animation Presentation of Reconstructed Events


Accident Investigations, the Real Role of a Private Investigators find out!