From James Allbee, Denver Private Investigator Lead

Thank you for considering us for your process serving and investigative needs. It is my promise that we will continue to work hard and assist in getting the answers you need to ensure that you and your clients are making an educated decision. We are proud to say that since 2014, an independent review and study has named Metro Intelligence Agency one of the top 3 Private Investigative Companies in Denver. Please do not hesitate to call me directly at (720) 443-3382. I wanted to give you some background about who I am, who we employee, and what makes this agency unique in the industry. Our senior Investigator has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Internship with the Cold Case – Special Investigative Unit, and also served the community as a Law Enforcement Officer. Her experience and drive quickly proved to be an unremarkable asset to not only our agency but to the valued clients we serve.

I was in corporate investigations for five years and a police officer for a decade. During my law enforcement career, I was appointed lead fugitive officer, training coordinator, lead field training Officer, drug intervention team, tactical team, and a narcotics investigator. During my tenure, we conducted covert operations and recon missions, in some high-risk environments. We continue to be a trusted investigative source covering   highly publicized cases and  interviewed by media on our  investigative expertise on major crimes and critical incidents. I was also hired by the family to investigate and act as the Public Information contact for the family of Cathy Adams, who was murdered in 2010.  We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating since 2011, with a 4.8 of a 5 Star rating across internet platforms (FacebookYelp, BBB, Google, Bing).

I am certified in:

  • Interview and interrogation
  • Crime Scene and Forensic Evidence Collections Investigator
  • Sex assault / Child Sex Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Victims’ Rights and Compliance
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Level 1 Traffic Accident Investigator
  • National and State Recognized Field Training Officer
  • Anti-Bias
  • Identity Theft
  • Communications with Suicidal Parties
  • Armored/ Dangerous Parties
  • Abused individuals
  • Self Protection Identification
  • Drug / high risk Raids
  • Applying Countermeasures
  • Identification of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • FEMA and National Incident Management System
  • Firearms / Non-lethal
  • First Responder Mass Trauma Treatment

I left law enforcement for the private sector accepting a Vice President position with one of the largest and most respected Security Consulting Companies in the Denver metro area. From there, I worked with the Denver District Court managing felony offenders who were just released from a halfway house. In 2009, I decided to continue my true passion and grow a business that helps others, utilize my many years of experience and talents in investigations, and ensure that victims have a voice. The databases that we use contain information not open to the public. To obtain access every individual within the organization must meet rigid requirements, have a proven professional history within their area of expertise, and thorough background and employment history check to ensure the individual and the company are legitimate and possess only the highest level of integrity.

We are subject to audit and onsite inspection through the GLBA, DPPA, FDPP, REBOC, UCC, FCRA regulatory agencies, as well as through the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.  Although some of our records are “public record” it is obtained under very strict guidelines. This allows us to provide clients the information and answers they deserve, “Making Educated Decisions Possible”.  We stand above in the industry because of our experience, state recognized professionals in the investigative field, and demand that business be done with strict standards, ethics, and integrity.  We have implemented a check and balances process to ensure that the information we provide is thorough, current, and accurate. Whether it’s a simple research request or a very complex investigation, you can be confident that we are second to none!   Some of the services that we specialize in are:

  1. Personal injury and wrongful death investigations and complete reconstruction of an incident. Whether it’s an accident, premise liability, or a fatality (accidental or homicide), you can be confident we have the experience and skill set to thoroughly investigate. Let us review your potential cases at the pre-litigation stages to ensure that your firm’s resources are best used. We will be there to support your case throughout the process and provide expert reconstruction testimony.  This includes car crashes, motorcycle crashes, and vehicle vs. pedestrian, job, unsafe work environments, on the job Injury, fire and arsons, and all death investigations.
  2. LASAT interviewing- Identifies possible untruthfulness areas in statements or key areas in a statement to that may require clarification. This is a very useful tool for developing a line of questioning or areas that may be uncomfortable for a witness to discuss while testifying. This service is done nationwide with results returned within a few days.
  3. Criminal Defense – The importance of finding a good private investigator is as important as the attorney you choose. An investigator who is specifically trained and experienced in a specific area is imperative to the case. Only they will know what areas need to be followed up on, looked at, reanalyzed, and developed.  In the last few years we have investigated and produced evidence that proved involuntary manslaughter – not 1st degree murder as charged, identified the mishandling of DNA evidence and proved that was not part of the case leading to a not guilty verdict, a distribution of narcotics case dismissed, eliminated foul play on a suspicious death.  I am an approved Investigator for the Colorado Judicial Branch where I have prepared defense cases for Pro Se defendants in Denver District Court and a key investigative resource for the Pendulum Foundation, a non-Profit organization dedicated to Juvenile sentencing reform, and parricide cases nationwide.
  4. Surveillance / covert operations / Counter-Surveillance: Our investigators are accustomed to obtaining highly sensitive, hard to get information through surveillance and other state of the art techniques and equipment. Our staff under goes ongoing training to ensure that the skills and tools are the most up to date. We conduct our operations with the utmost integrity and never obtain information under false pretenses. This ensures that all research and investigative services will be considered in civil litigations and criminal court proceedings.
  5. Process serving- Serve legal documents and summons nationwide.
  6. Identification of Assets- Determine assets, investments, property, liens, civil judgments, business/ corporation associations, bank accounts, Mutual Funds, Major Brokerages (strict permissible uses apply and must meet FCRA regulations, State and Federal laws)
  7. Missing persons and Locates- Our ability to track individuals and their patterns is unmatched in the industry. Most recently another firm had hired two other agencies and went as far as getting the Sheriff’s Office involved. After four months of “successfully falling on their face time and time again” as our client stated, we were hired and located the individual in a half a day.  In 2013, we have successfully worked several missing and endangered person cases and worked closely with Law Enforcement in coordinating these efforts.  We have recently implemented a new service that will revolutionize the unsafe environment litigation cases. We can identify and locate additional witnesses and victims involved in similar environments from as far back as 40 years.

We look forward to a continued long-lasting working relationship.