James Allbee discusses investigative techniques with Fox 31- Denver. Casie Bock and Haskel Leroy Crawford were arrested after a tip to Crime Stoppers about Karl Beaman Jr. being buried in concrete within Bock’s crawl space.

What is the process:
This method of disposing evidence has not been common in the past but we are seeing this more.
These skills and training are intense and is outside of the normal investigative crime scene skill set. Archeological techniques are used to precisely remove (excavate) earth carefully and systematically from the area in order to find buried remains of the body (canvas, isolate, map, and repeat as many times as necessary as information is learned through processing the scene). There is no forgiveness for erroneous decision-making as every detail is not reconstructable – there is one chance to get it right. This may (should) involve consulting with a Forensic Anthropologist to assist in processing the scene.

The surrounding area of interest must also be carefully processed in the same manner to determine if there is a “Bundle Burial”; Meaning that evidentiary values may be within the same area and easily missed. This process can take several days into several weeks to adequately process and preserve. A keen eye for detail is a must