As Law Enforcement technology and equipment changes the uniform also evolves for patrol officers. In the current day, most agencies now provide outer carrier vests where much of the gear that used to be on ones belt is now dispersed across these vests. The advantage is that it takes pressure off the hips and places the weight on the shoulders, in theory should elevate lower back issues and unnecessary long term injuries. In this latest review of a Denver Officer being attacked and metal badge being pulled from his uniform and used to slit the officers throat brings up other safety concerns and an opportunity to re-evaluate.

With much of the equipment on the vest (chest area) is having a metal badge cause for snagging on needed equipment? For daily patrol duties wouldn’t a cloth badge sewed into the carrier be more effective in accessing tools in situations that are escalating? It would make sense to reserve metal badges for “Class A” uniforms that more formal attire. It will be interesting to see if agencies, that have not already made the change, consider more “Officer Safety and Friendly” options.